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Marko is a pragmatic idealist, a social misfit and a serial dream builder.


Trying his best to fit into traditional systems, Marko spent one year in London after first working in capital markets, before setting up his own ground transportation company for niche retail travellers.

He moved to the Philippines where he founded FundLife, a not-for-profit organisation that uses the transformative power of play to deliver sustainable social impact and community-led development.

In his role as Executive Director, Marko led FundLife securing partnerships with the likes of UEFA Foundation, Puma, FIFA Foundation and AirAsia and bringing in over USD 2 million in social investments and value generated income.



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Adrienne Paula Tan

After a thriving young career across several FMCGS, including Nestle and Coca Cola, Adrienne felt frustrated at not being able to combine her passion for healthy food with helping tackle social injustice.


During a trip to the US, she visited WholeFoods and believed something like this would be possible for the Philippines, which despite an abundance of fertile agriculture opportunities did not have an organic local market. 


Soon after that, Adrienne took the leap and started her own Social Enterprise to empower and uplift local farmers and providing consumers with locally-sourced, organic and healthy food. 


Adrienne joins the collective as a specialist in demand planning, brand development and digital strategy for youth engagement.